How to show user's saved courses in his profile


I’m creating an online learning platform, there are courses listed and I want to add a save feature in that so that when a user clicks it, it displays in their profile as saved courses.


Hey there @rohitwadhwani17,

You can create a list of courses in the user data type, then when a user clicks “Save” on the course, make a change to the current user’s list of saved courses then add the course to that list.

Then display it in your user profile using a repeating group.

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Sorry, I’m a beginner :sweat_smile:

Can you explain it a bit more?
Thanks a lot!

I’m not exactly sure how your database is setup, but I’ll write it out as I’m imagining it.

You have a type of: Courses

Within the User data type, you’re going to add a new field called List of Saved Courses which will have a type of Courses.

When you’re adding courses, assuming each course is on a dynamic “Current Page” basis. When the user clicks “Save Course”, you’ll have to do Make a Change to Current User, add, Current Page’s Course.

Same thing with remove instead of add, remove.

When you’re going to display the list of saved courses to the current user, the type would be Courses, and the data source would be Current User’s List of Saved Courses.

Does this help? :blush:

Yeah, Works now!

Thanks a lot!

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