How to show when user updates something in database?

My users can post Events (similar to and others can follow those Events.

The idea is that when an event host updates their event with new details, I want the Followers to be notified.

My database has a column for Event/Followers and I show the Followers how many Events they are following with:

Following contains Current user

But, how would I tell the Follower which events in particular have updated their Event? I would think using the modified function on the Event is easiest, but there’s no way to say something like date = modified

This is the info I have in the database:

I am able to show upcoming events using the function Date > current date/time (this finds events with a meeting date later than today’s date).

One way of accomplishing this could be to use Triggers.

Within trigger you can use Event Before Change and Event Now to compare the fields that would tell you that the event is updated. When updated you can send an email to the followers or use any other notification mechanisms

Yes that looks like it could be the solution. I attempted to trigger a custom event but I can’t see how to create the event!? The custom event dropdown is empty so I need to create one somehow?

custom event


I was referring to the database trigger event in the Backend workflows and not the trigger a custom event.

Where can I find this? In the manual it shows the following image:

database trigger

But I don’t have a ‘General’ tab? I have the folowing;

You need to select Backend Workflows from Search a Page dropdown at the top left corner. Once there you would find the options as mentioned in the manual

You would need a paid plan to get this working

I am on a paid plan but I don’t see Backend Workflows?


Please check if the following is checked.


It wasn’t checked but now it is and I see the backend workflow link. Gosh, I would never have found that, why on earth aren’t these things on by default! Thank you for your help, I will have a play around with this and see if I can get it working.

So you could check for if the event description before change is not nows description (or date).
Then search for “Do a search for events: where following contains current user”
And add a notification to those users list of unread notifications. The notification also has a field type event that is linked to the event concerned so they can check the new description.

Or if really fancy add a new datatype called “What was changed” with a text and an Event linked to it. And if title was changed you would create a new such thing with the text “Event title was changed” and link the notification not only to an event but also this “What was changed” so the user in their notifications can read "X [title/date/etc] of event Y was changed, have a look [event link]

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