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How to simplify a attendance tracking workflow process?

I need help. I want to track who is present on a given day. I have a members table with 400+ records.

  1. I want to use a simple form to input a date.
  2. Automatically create a repeating group view that consist of First Name, Last Name (from Members Thing) for all members with a check box to indicate they are present
  3. I then want to be able to filter for a saved date and generate a view of who was present and who was absent on a given date
  4. Finally, I want to be able to identify any member who has been absent on 2 consecutive meeting dates.

I’m thinking : Members Table (Thing) and Attendance Table (Thing). Attendance table with date field, FName, LName, and attendance status (yes/no). When I input target date and click submit, I don’t understand the workflow action that would create 400 records in Attendance table. Any suggestions?

Any examples of a attendance application?

I am loving the process of learning Bubble!