How to Solve - Newsletter Popup

Hi All,

I have a popup that appears after 30 seconds on my app that forces the user to enter their email address to sign up to the newsletter - in order to continue on the platform. This popup cannot be closed, only be entering their email address and they can continue. I am not using the ‘user’ data field as I believe it requires a password. I am using a separate data type called ‘email’ to collect their email address.

I have a data field on the current user that is ‘newsletter signup’ yes or no. Once the user subscribes this field turns to yes. I seem to having an issue where the user is signing up the newsletter 2 or 3 times with the same email.

I want to achieve the below:

  1. A user goes onto the website, sees a popup after 30 seconds.
  2. They have to subscribe to the newsletter to continue
  3. Once they subscribe, they can continue and it keeps that for the current user
  4. If they refresh or visit later, it wont keep asking them to subscribe again which seems to be happening now as im getting multiple sign ups.

If you’re not using the User datatype then all ‘users’ will just be temporary Users, and not stored permanently in the database.

So anything you store on the Current User will not be permanent (it will only last 3 days).

So you’ll probably want to look at some browser storage options for this (Local Storage or Cookies)

Hi Adam,

Thanks so much for this.

Regarding local storage or cookies, do you know how I would go about this on Bubble.

Another solution I thought was, when they subscribe to the popup, another popup appears forcing them to have a password, I guess that way i can create them as a user. I tried to use a signup form with Google and email signup but the conversion rate was far lower than newsletter signup


Check out the Floppy plugin for local storage (and more).

Or there are a few Cookies plugins available (or you can use some JavaScript directly on your page to read and write cookies).

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