How to sort a list of Things by another Thing's field

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I have a situation where I have a Thing of Contacts that is linked to a Thing called Customers. The Contacts are linked by a field called Customer of Type customer.

I have a repeating group where I view a list of customers and contacts and I can easily sort by the Contact but I can not sort by the Customer. It seems that the only solution is to create a field in the Thing of Contacts and call that Customer name and add that to the table of Contacts. Seems redundant and also a recipe for disaster as the data grows, since that customer name is not linked to the master thing of Customers.

Could you please tell me if there is any way around this,

Many thanks


You can do this “inside out” …

On the Customer, have a List of Contacts field of type Contact.

Then if your RG is of type Contact then Search for Customer’s (sorted) List of Contacts.

Thanks Nigel, I don’t quite understand but will give it a go.

Can the Contact be linked to the Customer AND the Customer be linked to the Contact? ie, Does Bubble allow you to link both ways?



Yes, you can create as many links and lists of links as you need.

Here is an example.

Notice I have only linked the teacher to a list of children in this case, just to show how you can avoid the double link. But it will depend on how much data you have as to the efficiency of the search.

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thanks for your help!
I am working through the example you have shared and picked up some good basic tips so I appreciate your help.
Thanks again

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