How to sort repeating group by newly added first

How I can sort the repeating group by Newly created data first , I tried by sorting created date but this is not works, please helps me to solve this issue.

Website Link :

Here you can see Canva is created after Sketch but I want the Canva (newly added) First,
Please share your solutions,


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In search constraints area choose sort by created date


sort by created date and descending yes (it might be no, I always forget which direction makes oldest vs newest)

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Yes, I tried it but it doesn’t works, I don’t know why ? do you have any other solutions ?

Example : sortby : created date, Desending “Yes” and “No” both are not working

your app won’t load for me to have a look and give you any other answers, unfortunately.

Please check this link :

Here is the screenshot :
Bubble Screenshot

In my experience, which I admit is fairly limited, that should work. I’ll try getting into the app again, but it just keeps timing out.

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Sure, thanks

Sorry for the delay in response, I tried accessing again. I eventually realized, my ISP blocks non-traditional websites (a lot of things that are not .com’s) I’ve been fighting with them regularly over it, as my own site is not a .com. Sadly, this means I won’t be able to see what you are working with to be more hands on.

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this setup is correct but descending should be “yes”. If you could share an editor link we may be able to see what’s wrong. There is no reason why this shouldn’t return the correct list. Are you quite sure that Canva was created after Sketch in your case?



try fill checkbox ignore constraints.

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Thanks a lot for your effort , I found the solution and Now it fixed , Thanks

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