How to Sort RG no data source ( i send it via workflow)

I am trying to build a messaging system

So I am showing the messages only after I click a specific “conversation/message thread” —>
means my messages RG has no data (because I sent it to it via workflow)

question - how do I sort my RG items the way I want then?
I want new messages to appear at the bottom and automatically scroll to the bottom and have vertical scroll up to previous messages


You just sort the data on the action as you’d do if the source data were on the RG.

If you’re sending a Search, sort the search on the action.

like this? or is there better option?

also how would I do if I want to scroll straight away to the last message?

Not :filtered but :sorted

To scroll:

And select Layout style on the RG: Vertical scrolling

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ooooo thank you so much!

I will let you know if everything is working right and well

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