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How to speed up loading time? Cache, compressing, reduction?

He folks, here is my scenario: I’ve built an app within Bubble that I load into a react native app. I´ve measured that the Bubble JS main file for my app has around 2mb, plus all the images, icons, fonts and other files. I would really like to reduce the time my app takes to load Bubble and I’d like some opinion from you al:

  1. Is there a way that i I can pack all Bubble files and send them as a single compressed file to my app, reducing load time?
  2. Is there a cache or a way that my app can store my app files so they don’t need to be downloaded again every time it’s run?
  3. The biggest files are the JS from Bubble: I have few images with 1-4k size and try to keep my app short on configs. It’s all in a single page (the user area, the admin area is separated in other pages in the same app). How could I decrease Bubble files size overall?

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.


If you can address your question to a specific person on the forum you will get a faster reply and help.

Reduce elements on page by using conditionals to handle actions and views

Ex: 1 pop up handles deleting and creating a CRM prospect and other actions you can fit in the scenario

Im not trying to reduce the processing time of the page (yet). Im trying to reduce the sheer download size for the bubble page.

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I’m also struggling with low speed and loading times. This guide was somewhat useful, but still nothing about caching and compression:

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I’m now hearing suggestions that using a backend database like xano can improve performance. I have not tried it yet myself.

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Does it Xano improve database performance?