How to stop a hung app

I made some changes to my apps workflow and the API call behind it. Now when I try to load my app, The blue line slowly goes along the top of the screen, never finishing. If I Close the browser and restart it, same thing. Is there a way to kill whatever processes may be running? Now, I’m unable to run the app to do anything.


I’d suggest rolling back to a previous save point in the editor. Hopefully you won’t lose too much work. You could also add ac terminate this workflow command in the workflow and see if that stops it from running

Thanks, unfortunately, I have no save point. This is in the Editor Preview that I am running this, not Production. Now, any screen I try to make a call, the same thing happens, even though I know those work fine (and have not been changed). I think some background call was made and it isn’t ending or something. I thought maybe the LOGS would show something and allow me to kill any background processes, but I don’t see such and option.

Hey David,

Have you identitied where the problem is yet?

Try disabling workflows and launching the program until you find the problem.

In yer handy dandy workflow editor, you can simply click, ‘disable workflow’ …

If you already tried this, I apologize for my redudancy!



Still having the same issue 2 weeks later. Have not been able to do any changes to my site due to this. Doesn’t matter which page I start on, the same thing happens, even pages I haven’t touch in many months. I also do not get the debugger (although it is set to True. Have tried on different machines, dfferent browsers, different days over 2 weeks. I’m at a complete loss.

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