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How to stop people from knowing you're using bubble?

Just ran my site on Builtwith and it does show up that our site uses the bubble framework. How can I hide from the public? Just, from a security standpoint plus other factors, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable with people knowing we rely on bubble in such way and all else. Thoughts?

You can’t. But it shouldn’t matter from a security standpoint so long as you’ve designed your app in such a way that it isn’t breakable unless there’s an exploit in Bubble’s backend (so out of your control).

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Ahhh… that’s a shame. Is there anything you recommend for security? I tend to use a lot of conditionals to rely on proper workflow of things. Thanks for your response

Privacy rules


Set privacy rules. Then, if correctly configured, so long as you don’t check ‘ignore privacy rules’ on backend workflows, it is literally impossible for a user to get access to data they shouldn’t have. If you don’t have privacy rules, you probably shouldn’t launch your app.

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That’s a good point, gonna check it out thank you! I guess this post led me to something good at the end.

Don’t waste your time on it. Its impossible, a good UI inspector can easily identify the platform, There is no 100% white-label.


For the average Joe: Removals.

But like @melon said, a person that knows how to inspect elements would be able to identify.

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Cool thank you! What about if you protect the site with anti inspect/copy plugin? I do have it for the same reason but not sure if it’s just more of a nuisance than helpful…

The browser will still load everything