How to store input data from repeating group?

So I have a “create new product” popup that collects a theoretically unlimited amount of data from users. The hierarchy is as follows: Product>Attribute>Level

Here is my form, and the functionality is pretty easy to grasp. I want to store all the data given into a database. Here are my datatypes that I currently have:

55%20PM 50%20PM 44%20PM

Here’s my workflow:

I am completely free to change all aspects of my data types and workflow, but I’d prefer to keep my UX for the most part.

The issue I’m having is that when I make a new Attribute with the save button, I can’t access all of the data inputted into the form in the RG. I’m also aware that I should probably be “modifying a thing” instead of creating a new thing, but when I select that it doesn’t even show my data types.

I need a lot of help and I would appreciate any you can give me!