How to structure data for seperate groups of individuals


I was wondering if anyone could help me understand how to structure data to enable groups of users to have unique dashboards amongst their group?

The idea is i want a collective of people to sign up and have a dashboard with data for their group. This data would be different from another group who has signed up.

I’ve got it working for a single group of users, but anyone who signs up would see the same dashboard. Now I need to know how to now structure it for different groups of users. No connection is needed between groups.

Hope this makes sense and any help would be appreciated!


You need a data field to control this. The simplest example is a “company”. Say each group is a “company” . Each user is assigned to that “company”. Then, any of your data source/searches include that company as a parameter. It’s also possible through privacy with data but more complicated.

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