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How to sum N elements from a repeating group?

Hi guys,

I need your help to build a company offer comparison system based on 3 things : criteria, coefficient and notation (Cf. screen below)

The formula would be :

Score offer 1 = Sum(coef*notation) = (coef 1 * notation 1) + (coef 2 * notation 2) = (coef 3 * notation 3).

I did manage to use the SumProduct formula even if it’s still red, it works…
Do you know why ?

I just need to sum all the scores now : Sum(n Scores) = Score 1 + Score 2 + Score 3 + … + Score n
where n = number of criteria.

Any clue please :slight_smile: ?

Thanks a lot for helping !

I would use the bdk RG tools data extractor to do this.

As @jared.gibb says most people do this with a plugin. This is quite a common question in the forum - plenty of solved examples - search for “sum rg” in the forum.

Good luck!

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