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How to sum RG values from an Expression?

Hi there,

I have a repeating group that brings in data from an API (blue box). No problem.

On each line in the RG, there is an Expression (invisible) which calculates some math based on the numbers in the row. No problem.

The result of that math is displayed in a Text box appearing on each line (except line 1). Highlighted in yellow. No problem.

QUESTION: I want to count the values from each Expression that are positive or negative. I cannot find the logic to sum those values. In the example below, there are 7 numbers that are negative so I want to place the number ā€œ7ā€ in a custom state.

I cannot figure out how to sum up items in a RG table that are not part of the original DB or JSON such as the Expression or added text box. Iā€™m also trying to use ListShifter ITERATE on each line, but I cannot seem to access the Expression element or text box in each row.

Any advice is appreciated.

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