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How to test only one community plugin in safe mode?

Hello @Bubble
Is there a way to preview a page in safe mode, with only one Community Plugin activated ? A parameter to add manually in the URL ?
Because, I’ve got an issue with 📍 Fastest Google Places Autocomplete - New Plugin from Zeroqode and I wonder if there is not a conflit with another plugin. The only option is “safe mode - no community plugin”

You could try cloning the page and deleting all other plugin elements in the page.

Yes, clone the app, then uninstall all plugins you need, leaving just the one you want

As it’s a clone of your app, you aren’t breaking anything in your actual app.

Sure this could be done. I was more asking about something more straightforwad, like &bubble_safe_test_plugin=plugin_id

create a save point - uninstall all other plugins to test then restore your save point.

I have done this and there were only minor fixes required after restoration. (it showed many errors at first, but bubble seemed to correct them all within 30 seconds.)