How to test seller functions?

Wondering how can test all of my seller functions? Do i need to actually create a separate stripe account, just for testing and register that account as a seller?

No, there are test values you can use on your development side:

Actually, I spoke too soon. Testing seller functions does seem to be lacking. I was able to do was run the ‘Register the user as a seller’ action, which took me over to Stripe, but I wasn’t able to fill out the form there because the 0000 test SSN didn’t work, so all I could do was click the “Skip this account form” link at the top of the page. That did create a Seller in Stripe, but because all I could do was click “Skip this account form” I wasn’t able to give a password so I can’t log in to the Stripe account as the seller, and Payments and Payouts are both disabled in Stripe to this user (because I wasn’t able to add an EIN, etc., again because all I could do was click “Skip this account form”).

Long story short, I guess I have the same question as you - how can we test Connect in Stripe (with the native Bubble Stripe plugin)?

I ended up creating a separate stripe account for now

@philnauta Yes, Stripe says you should create separate dummy accounts for testing Connect:

They have test IDs for SSN, EIN, etc. here:

Those should allow you to go through the full flow.

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@alexsstockton how did you get around my problem? Did you create a real Stripe account instead of using their test numbers?

Correct. I used a spare email.

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