How to test web app

How do I test out my site? I built a chat web app and the messages don’t seem to be sending and I think that’s because the “preview” feature doesn’t allow it. How do I test my web app?

Hey there @natkoenig8,

How ever your app functions in the preview will be the same when it’s deployed. When you preview you’re in development mode. The only difference is that your databases are different.

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so does that mean my chat isn’t working then? When I press enter / send on a message it’ll just stick there, it won’t display

There might be an error in your WF or app setup then. I can’t help out much because not much info was sent

Okay I followed this: How To Build A WhatsApp Clone Without Code - Bubble

If you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see the displaying messages section, I followed that too. I’d send you more info but I don’t really know what I’d send you. What can I send to help?

Can you send me a preview and/or editor link?

yeah definitely is there a private way to send it just to you?

Here’s a developer link, I don’t see any other options like an editor one: