How to text masking

I want to apply text masking only to the last name in current cell’s name. How can I do that?

Text masking like over the top of an image or?

Oh, I want to change * mark, like Ruby ****

Okay so like, you want to hide the users last name?

Yes, that’s right

Okay so to actually hide the last name you will need to have 2 fields on the profile, first name and last name, then have a privacy rule which lets all users see first name, but only select users see last name.

Unless there is a privacy rule, all this data still comes through in the browser

Thank you for your response. Actually, I tried to separate and display the names using CSS code, but it didn’t work, so I’ll have to apply the method you suggested.

Yeah, you could split the text up and only show the first word, but that’s not actually private, to make things private you need to use the privacy rules for best practice :slightly_smiling_face:

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