How to track what deleted an element (workflow, user etc.)

How can i check, what has deleted an element in my database?

I have a database with audit points and one of the parameters is container.
If container parameter is yes, this item should not be deleted by other workflows.
But it keeps being deleted by something.
I have a clearing workflow below which shouldn’t be able to do it, but is there a way to pinpoint what deletes this element inside the log?

Any suggestion how can I pinpoint this - as I cannot look it up via any of this element content.
And don’t know which workflow may do it or is it something else we have.

Have you checked the server logs?

That is my question - I am checking them, but I cannot find this action of this certain data being deleted.
When you check the log - there is no reference to an item which has been deleted, just the information the workflow has done something.

That’s not true, it gives the unique ID of the affected element and the properties being changed. Though, the log is just generally bad and hopefully will be improved in future…

Double check that clearing workflow and any workflow that involves deleting a list of things (Do a search for Audit_trailers)

Will do so.
I got the unique ID ready and will monitor this bad boy if he triggers any time soon.
Thanks for the IDea.