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How to transfer custom states from page to page

Hi, Bubble community!
I’m trying to fix some bugs at to be able switch directly to category on index page, when user clicks at category from services page:
Any option to transfer custom state from one page to other?


Hi Igor
I hunted for a solution and eventually created a thing caled “GlobalVariables”.
In the workflow on page load, if the record count for GlobalVariables is < 1, I create a new record (you only need one).
Then I set a yes/no field “paramsChanged” in GlobalVariables and use that to reset states or not (this will depend on your requirements) and I save my states into fields in GlobalVariables.
So, when the other page is opend I check paramsChanged in GlobalVariables and if it is set to yes then I reset the relevant states in the receiving page.
It’s the only way I could figure to do this.
Other Bubblers may have other methods.
Good luck.


Url parameters :grinning:

The most efficient wayto send state data would probably be to include the data in url parameters

Im your workflow action you can send data

You enter a key ñame and the value for that key would be assigned to the state

On the next page you can use it as needed by “get data from url”