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How to trigger animation based on current time?

Hello Bubblers,


  • I would like the individual user’s repeatinggroup cell to blink repeatedly when the Current time is 5 minutes before the user’s “Pick Up Time”

  • Each user has a field “Pick Up Time”

  • Users with a “Pick Up Time” (Date, Time Inputs) are in repeatinggroup below

I am not sure as to how to approach this, I’ve been stuck on it for a while.

Any Ideas? I would really appreciate any advise

Thanks in advance!

I’ve not tried this, but can you use the “Do when condition is true” workflow event to trigger an Animate action?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried experimenting with different conditions, although I am not sure.

How do I set a condition triggered when Current cell’s User’s Pick Up Time is 5 minutes away from Current Date/Time?

Not quite sure about the syntax though.


You could try something like: "When current date/time is current cell’s User’s Pickup Time +minutes (-5)

Basically, you’re saying when the Current time is five minutes less than the saved Pickup Time. I’d give that a shot


Oh of course, I somehow made the assumption that +minutes(x) was only reserved for positive integers. I’ll definitely try that out!

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