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How to turn a JS SDK into plug-in?


I am fairly experienced in Bubble but I have basically no experience in coding though I am interested in learning.

I have a Javascript SDK I would like to create a plugin from but I’m not how to even approach this.

They have done a great job on the documentation and examples but having no coding experience I’m a bit confused about how to implement this into Bubble.

Here are the docs could someone give me a brief explanation of what I need to do and I can work it out from there?

Thank you!

@jackpmorgan95 Looking at the documents looks like you can make all of this a plugin. Takes a bit to explain through a message.

Also you might want to check out ezcode as they have done a lot of this work already. Rarity NFT and especially their MetaMask Web3 plugin.


Thanks for the reply! Great to hear that this can be turned into a plug-in.

Yeah currently I have the Rarible plug-in from EZ set up which is great for a first version but I would like to switch to Console as its less centralised to a major marketplace like Rarible which charge fees on everything minted via their SDK.

I will try to how to turn this SDK into a plug-in, seems like a good challenge!