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How to turn API JSON return into text

I have a simple API call that returns a JSON.

Bubble turns that return value into some sort of object. For example, if the name of my API call is “API_Call”, the return type for further use is called “API_Call”. By selecting “API_Call” I can then access all the properties in that object.

I can then also create database fields with the datatype “API_Call”.

The problem with this is, I have not figured out, how to turn that object/JSON back into text.

For example, if I try to bind that database field with the datatype “API_Call” to a text field, it doesn’t work. It says it must be text and cannot be “API_Call”.

I came across a “solution” that suggest to create two API calls, one with the return type text and one with JSON. That would not work, because then I would have to call the API twice, which also has negative impact on my quota for this API.

What I am looking for is a simple BUBBLE-JSON-OBJECT to TEXT function.

In the same way as it works when I expose the data field which contains the “API_Call” datatype in the external API. Then it shows it nicely formatted in the browser.

What’s also a mystery to me is that when I check the data in the Bubble’s internal “App data” viewer, it also doesn’t show the actual content. It just says “(data from API connector)”, which is very unfortunate.