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How to turn number (data) into counting time; Days; Hours, Minutes


What would be equation in the elements conditions to turn from a clean number (e.g. 300) [minutes], into Days; Hours; Minutes.

The number is dynamic, e.g. it could be 1800 (minutes), which is then; 1 Day; 6 Hours; 0 Minutes

End format is: 0 Days; 0 Hours; 0 Minutes

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I think you can divide mins by 1440 (24*60) and floor it, to get number of days, and similar thing for hours.
For minutes, you can use the modulo of 60.

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Hello, @another!

I just built a page to solve your problem. Please explain especially operators that I used :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks @Efe and @kusumika for the answers!

Now I see why should one go to the school… :smiley:, although there are many talents so to speak!

Thanks again, nice to be part of Bubble community! Hura hura hura!!!

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