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How to turn Text Address into Geographic Address

my api key however works in the search inputs

The bookmarks function in the forum is helpful at times…like when I see something I don’t need at the moment but can understand it’s value and likely future use, I will bookmark the post and label something that I could remember later.

Other approaches are to have an app that I add things I use often such as the custom CSS needed for different thinks like scrollbars. Sometimes, though it is just looking into an app I remember I had used the approach in before.

I haven’t done anything to really be very organized, but just use a combination of things that may help me in my search when it is needed. Sometimes, I am just searching the forum again for a post I read in the past.

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That is interesting. Maybe reach out to Bubble support about what might be the reason your API keys are deemed invalid for some purposes, but other purposes are not.

Hey @boston85719!

Trying to get this to work in my app and looking through the example you provided and can’t help but notice that there are no entries in the geo-address field.

Any idea what’s going on there? I’d love to get this to work!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 2.53.16 PM

Absolutely no idea why that field would not have any data. Those are data entries that I did not add, so not sure what the users who did add them were doing.

My assumption is that they did not first click the button to create the address before clicking the button to convert it to geo address. But after testing this myself it seems like Bubble has removed an ability to use the Google Maps API in a free app and this app doesn’t have Google API Keys setup.

Ahh gotcha that makes sense!

I tried clicking both buttons (I’m the Ontario one!) and it didn’t work hence the ask :slight_smile:

I thiiiiiiink I figured out how to make it work from the example anyway (although now dealing with Canadian postal codes being all mangled in Google Maps API lol)

Thanks once again @boston85719 !


If you want you could just use the coordinates of a city/town and google will output a complete geographic address…and at times it might not include a street address if you don’t want it to. I ran a backend workflow for a client to take the coordinates of Canadian cities and turn them into geographic addresses.

Interesting idea…

Presumably that would standardize any “pin” placements on a map if done that way?

ie. whatever Google uses as their standard…

It would just make it so that a city/town will be saved in your DB as s specific location based on the coordinates you provide.


Sorry, I mean if I got the exact “ROOFTOP” location from Google Maps ala…

…then should have pretty standard pin placements on a map.

…from Geocoding Service  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google Developers

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