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How To Un-link OAuth Account From Account A & Link The Same OAuth Account To Account B

Hi all,

I have questions regarding OAuth account link and unlink. My scenario is this;

I have a user, which has Account A (email&password type account) on my application. This user then linked his FB account to this Account A as an easier login method.

After a while, he setup another account on my application, Account B (also email&password type account), and he wanted to link his FB account to this new Account B instead of Account A.

So he went to his FB and remove the app access to his FB account, and proceed to login to his Account B on my application and trying to connect his FB account. But, what happened is he is then connected and logged in to his Account A.

Is there a way to remove association of his OAuth account with previous account? Anybody encounter this and what are the workarounds?

Thank you.