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How to "un-remember" e-mail?

Is there a built-in way to “un-remember” an e-mail set as to be remembered during the login action?

I want to design a “Not John? Log out” flow which would log the current user out and reset the login form including clearing the saved e-mail cookie, but right now that e-mail sticks in the browser.

Should I use some plugin to force-clear the browser cookie or is there a more elegant way?

Are you talking about the suggestion box that pops up below an input with previously used values or does the input actually have the value in it?

If you are talking about the first thing I mentioned then a solution is to give that input an element id. Then on page load use a workflow that 'Runs Javascript" which is in the free plugin below. In the Run Javascript window type :

var element = document.getElementById('id goes here'); element.setAttribute("autocomplete", "off");

You can test that this fixes your issue by first opening your browsers inspector while you are on your site and then under the Elements tab find the <input> and add the attribute like so <input autocomplete="off">

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In this case it is not autocomplete, but the actual “remember my e-mail” functionality of that you can set when you log in a user which then pre-populates the field once logging out and wanting to log in again. I can’t seem to find a way to un-remember that.

@alxgrepe No built in way I’m aware of, but you can use a plugin and delete the local storage value like so…


That is absolutely a good workaround solution - big thanks and two thumbs up for the video!

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