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How to uninstall the new responsive setting?

How do I uninstall the new responsive on a page? I can see the benefit, but there are too many strange things right now to make it useful.

  1. I can’t figure out how to resize an element, like a text box.
  2. Things just seem to snap random places.
  3. You can’t really select a group when all the boxes inside take up the whole space. So then you drag it out, the box changes sizes and the element snaps to some random locations.
  4. The snapping seems to work and then not work, can’t figure that out either.

Anyway, I’d prefer to just uninstall and try again later.


Probably the system created a copy of this page with the old responsive settings. Take a look to see if you find it.


I probably should have read the notification that popped up. lol

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