How to update Total Amount Invoice without workflow?

I’d like to update in live the Subtotal and Total amounts of an invoice without a workflow.

Right now, I need to click outside the input’s rate value in the RG to submit the value with a workflow:
"When input’s rate value is changed > Make changes to Line Items (Total Line Item = input Qty * input Rate)

The problem is if I don’t click outside the input or click enter, the value is not submitted. It doesn’t trigger the workflow and doesn’t update the amounts.

Any other way?

Thank you!

Could you make the ‘total’ column for your line items an input field (with inputs disabled) and have the dynamic expression for initial content as ‘current cell’s qty*current cell’s rate’ - then your workflow is when ‘input total’s value is changed’. I’m assuming your subtotal and Total values are just sums of the RG line items minus relevant discount inputs?

Thank you very much for your help. :pray:

Here is my structure a RG / 1 Group / Inputs (see screenshots)

I tried the workflow When “input total’s value is changed” but It doesn’t work as the value is not changed (there is already an initial value) so it doesn’t trigger the workflow.

It works with the workflow When 'input rate’s value" is changed as it is manually filled. And you need to click outside the form or press enter to submit the value and trigger the workflow.

Anyway, not sure I’m doing all this well with all the inputs and formulas. I’m using hidden fields to calculate the discount and taxes.

I share my editor with you so you can see my inputs and workflows.

Thanks again

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