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How to upload an item and send/use it on a different page

Hi everyone,

FYI I’m going to most likely be asking lots of questions as this is day 3 for me with Bubble (such an awesome idea and everybody is SO helpful)!

I followed a tutorial on uploading video to a repeating group, and I was able to successfully do that. I want to have an upload page where the user submits their video, that will then be sent to a different page (aka timeline page). How am I able to do this?


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Hey, welcome to the community.

I recommend you take the “Sending data to pages” lesson in the tutorials. It’s the basis of what you’re trying to accomplish


Great, thank you !


Okay I’m almost there, I can feel it. But I am stuck on how to get to this point.

At the bottom of this page:

I need to know what I put in my workflow to bring up the image of the “link to destination” “destination page” and “data to send”