How To: Upload Estimated Time Remaining

I’m looking for a way to get the “Estimated Time Remaining” for a file being uploaded to Bubble. For example if a large file is being uploaded, it would say something like “Time Remaining: 26 minutes…” Is that possible?

I know a general formula for this is Upload time = File size / Upload speed. However to my understanding, you 1) Cannot get file size pre-upload and 2) Cannot get the user’s current Upload Speed. So this seems not easily doable as of now (at least without custom code or plugins).

Any help is appreciated!

Better uploader plugin supports upload percentage. Maybe that will help get closer to showing an ETA somehow.

Maybe when the upload starts have some Do every 1 seconds event continuously logging the percentage in a custom state and somehow getting an ETA from that

May have to do a custom state list of texts so you can put duplicate numbers. Then doing any math do :converted to number

Just my initial guess :laughing: May have to do it a different way

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You don’t event need to make a workflow that’s “do every x seconds”

If you have a text on the page with the data

“Better Uploader file size / better Uploader upload percentage”

It will update automatically because they’re dynamic data!

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