How to upload more than one image at a time

Hey all - looking for some help with multi file uploader and images.

I’m building a very simple inventory app focusing on custom clothing. Products can be of the same style (ex. t-shirt) and same size (ex. XL) but the pattern/print/image of the t-shirt will be totally unique to one item so images are required for tracking.

I’ve used the forum pretty extensively and incorporated @strang22 's solution here (How to make MultFileUploader work with Slideshow/Carousel Element) to use the workflow to store the image and it’s almost perfect. However, I’m running into one issue that has me stumped.

Issue: Using the workflow approach you specify the number of new records to create based on your workflow, however I need to limit the number of records created to be equal to the number of photo’s the user uploads. For example, if the workflow creates 5 records but the user only uploads 3 images then I only want 3 entries in the db. Right now the workflow approach is creating 5 records, 2 without images (which totally makes sense, just not my intent).

Here’s the test app link:

@emmanuel @lonetour @NigelG @romanmg @strang22 , i know y’all have been working on a variation of this topic so any thoughts on how I can get this to work? Is there some way to add a conditional that stops the workflow if there aren’t any more images? Or make image a mandatory input?

Thanks in advance!