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How to use a JSON file I received from API call and save the data in the database

Hi Bubblers,

I am trying to create a webcrawler to get the prices of different products on few sites. For this, I am using an API called but I am facing a problem on the last step.
This last step is concerning the data I receive from a “scraping job”. I have 2 options downloading the data as a CSV or JSON. But I cannot save the data within my database of products.

Each scraping job retrieves around 50 products. and I would like to store them directly in my database. There is another option when I select the data type as text I get what is in the 3rd picture.
Here is a link to preview my site : Searchengine-test | Bubble Editor
Here is the link to the API : API | Web Scraper Documentation

I have been trying to make it for a few hours now and would love if you could give me some help!

Thanks for your help!