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How to use a JSON object from client javascript?

I have a JavaScript function that runs when the page is loaded, it makes an api call to the localhost server on my computer that returns a json object. How would i be able to use this data in repeating groups?

I can output the json text to the page successfully using javascript to bubble plugin. the output is below.


This isn’t ideal but it’s the only way I know.

Create an api in the api connector and add a parameter that accepts a text, let’s call it package
Then create a backend workflow let’s call it Harry, with a parameter called package.
In the backend workflow have a single step - return data, return package as a text.

Now back in the api connector put in the url to call Harry. Paste your json as the value for package and hit initialise.

If it’s done right and I probably missed a step then you should see be able to assign the different types to your payload. You can then use it as an action or a datatype anywhere in your app.

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If you are planning to use JSON alot, you can save WU costs by handling it client side. I recommend checking out the JSON Assistant plugin by @NoCodeDataArtisan.

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Make your repeating group type text

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