How To Use API Connector GET Call As An ACTION with Params?

I have a specific Single Sign On SSO connection between Bubble, my independent data server, and the SSO API.

The problem is I need to pass paramaters using a scheduled API worlflow but I can’t do it in the api workflows section because it doesn’t ask me for the params:


There is a checkbox called ‘private’ to the right of each parameter. Is this checked? This needs to be unchecked and then the parameters will appear in the workflow editor

Yes they are all unchecked.

Is it because it’s getting an SSO response?

My account does not allow scheduled API calls, so there is a chance it is due to running this in a context of scheduled API, maybe contact support if someone else doesn’t figure it out.

Just out of curiosity, is there a chance that you have two calls that share the same name? One parameterless and one with parameters. Just ruling out the next most obvious.

Even when non-scheduled it’s not asking me for the params i need to pass with the GET call.

@emmanuel any work around for this?

It’s a tricky situation i’m in because I need SSO but Bubble isn’t there yet to support SSO with custom services/apis, so i’ve had to use an intermediary server to handle the SSO for me and am using a GET call to pass the info to the dataserver. The GET call returns the SSO token after passing the params.


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