How to use API Login Token in Webview?

I have a mobile app. I want to integrate my Bubble App into it using Webview.
I have a native login on Mobile App. I use bubble login API for validating the credentials and to get the token. I use this token for various other flows in my native app.
I want to use this token to launch the Webview of my Bubble App.
Now, How to use this token in my Webview to log in to the Bubble App (Instead of asking the user for the credentials once again)?

I looked into setting the login cookies but I found there is an extra signature cookie that gets set by the bubble backend.

Is there any better way or an alternative?

Any chance you’re a cookies expert?

And I would help you… why?

Sorry. Didn’t want to annoy you. You’ve just been so helpful in the past. I wasn’t surprised that I wasn’t getting any responses as it’s a pretty specific question and I had a feeling you’d be able to help. I’d be happy to pay for your time as well.

Your reading comprehension is quite low, wouldn’t you say?

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