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How to use data from repeating group outside?

Hello. Thank you for the answer in advance.

Can you help me, please? I have 1 repeating group which is the leaderboard. It means that the current cell’s index is the position of the user. I need to show the position of the current user in another text element outside the RG. Could you tell me please, how can I do that?

@naganxs Easy! Use Orchestra plugin.

It seems like hard to do in my case. How can I use Orchestra to save the text for current user?

Okey . I checked again and i think you don’t need so complicated things to retrieve current user place according to cell index.
I made demo app with solution for you. Check out.
Pay attention on filters etc.

Link to editor:

Thank you so much for your detailed answer.

But I’m afraid that I can’t use this way also, at least at this moment, because I need to change my database and create new thing into database with the name “leaderboard”.

Speaking about the solution: I asked people in the telegram chat and they adviced me to use custom states or try to save this data (with the cell’s index) in database. But I still can’t do that, but trying hard :slight_smile:

I mean that seems pretty easy just to save for example this text with cell’s index. But I can’t get it: how to do that in bubble.

Hi there, @naganxs… this plugin only does one thing, and that one thing is exactly what you need here.

I’m thinking you can run a workflow on page load to set the plugin’s value, and then you can reference that value in a text element on the page. One thing to note (it’s actually mentioned a couple of times in that thread) is that you might need to add a pause action in the workflow before the action that sets the plugin’s value. I did a quick test on my end, and I couldn’t get it to work without the pause.

Hope this helps.


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