How to use dyanamic data while Make change to a thing

I am trying to create a basic feed (list of articles). Order (a number) decides how the articles ordered in the feed. A simple + button can increase the order of individual article by one.
I have multiple ordering criteria.
While editing a order of individual article how do I dynamically select between order-1 or order-2?

I can easily use “Only when” for 2 fields (order-1 and order-2). But this gets very cumbersome when I have to choose between 12 different ordering criteria dynamically.

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Consider changing your privacy dB structure

Sounds like an order should be a data type rather than a field

If it becomes a data type called “order”related to a “feed” you can list it in a repeating group and manage it as needed

Thank you for the response @cmarchan. I have update the question for more clarity.

Yes, I tried Order as a data type that contains (order-1, order-2, etc.). One of the fields in the feed is Order.

But the problems stay the same. I can not dynamically select Order's order-1 to edit it while making a change to a thing.

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Thanks @cmarchan I was able to figure it out with the help of tutorial you shared.

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