How to use formulas in Bubble - formula works in Excel

I’m a beginner with Bubble.

I have this formula working in Excel:

Essentially this calculates a body fat %. Which is expressed as a fraction but easily converted to a percentage.
In Excel it works as follows:

  1. 10 body sites are measured and recorded into cells as numbers with 1 decimal place.
  2. The 11th cell (C22 in the formula) is the sum of all 10 cells/numbers.
  3. The weight (C9) and height (C10) of the client are then put into 2 additional cells.
  4. The formula above then calculates the body fat % expressed as a fraction in a cell formatted as a %.
    I have the formula working in JotForm as a calculated field in a table which is connected to the form capturing the 10 site measurements and the weight and height.
    I have put the formula into a Bubble workflow using the “Math Calculator” plugin.
    I am trying to use a form to capture the 10 site measurements, then calculate the sum of the value and then apply the formula.
    BUT… it doesn’t work. It is returning a zero. I have no error alerts.
    I have not been able to get any help on this issue at all so any help or input would be much appreciated.

I think with the new parenthesis function you should be able to achieve that without plugin on complex workaround using hidden fields. You need to activate this function in Settings / Versions tab

Do I then use “Calculate formula”? If so, how do I create this formula.
Sorry, should have mentioned that I am a beginner in Bubble.

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