How to use javascript to push items to a list of texts

Hi all,

I am building a plugin where I have an action that takes in an array of text and chunks it depending on some number which I’m also passing. Basically, the code works perfectly as I’ve tested in code editors.
What I am passing back as a return value is:
Return value is type of list of texts however, when I receive this on workflow and map it to a state or db to test the value, it is a list of texts however the entire thing is stored as first item.

Does anybody knows how to resolve this?

Looking forward to any advice possible.

Can you share relevant snippets of your code. Publish a string array is very str8forward

Sorry for the late response.
It was a mistake on my end, you are right, it is straightforward as it should be :)!
Thank you a lot for chipping at extremly fast pace.

All the best,

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