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How to use piuiux navigation bar plugin like a choosing button set

PIUIUX Navigation Bar plugin gives you a very beautiful, useful and customizable navigation bar in a single component.

Plugin page:—navigation-bar-1588608189817x914272964953768000

  • Respects good practice to build a menu by use of Things or Options, so (for example) you can show or hide items by conditions.
  • You can add urls in href attribute for SEO optimization.
  • A very impressive preview in editor (perfectly similar to live component).
  • Width of link’s button is proportioned with length of text;
  • You can change the align and distribution of items in the navigation bar;
  • Every parts color are modifiable for every states (default, focus, hover, active);
  • There’s the wished ANIMATED SLIDING MARKER that you can customize like you never seen before !

Look at for some example.


You can use PIUIUX Navigation Bar plugin to simulate a choosing button set like this below

2020-09-05 13.32.53

…thanks to @gaffneyantonio for the idea.

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Awesome…Thank you!!!