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How to use simple search box? I don't see its workflow.Got stuck for hours

When user type something how can I do something with search box.For example,when user types “…” how to let that search box search for or do something???

Hey @ihfdai :slight_smile: If you define the choices style (type of content and data source if applicable) for that search box element, it will automatically display matching results beneath the search box. For example, if you have a search box which is for “geographic places”

In preview mode, locations will display automatically when the User begins to type in an address:

If you would like to display Users (or a different data type), you would select “Dynamic choices” as the choices style, and then click “Define List of Options” to select the data type. In this example, I selected User as the data type, and the field that is being searched is the “Name” (type: text, list: no) field:

In preview mode, the User’s name will appear once I start typing a few letters:

If any of this was confusing, feel free to share a link to your app’s editor and we can definitely help set this up!

Hey @fayewatson Thank you for your suggestion.This helps me a lot but what about the next step?

For example: When press enter, how to let the app start searching or how can I bind the ‘Search’ button with this search box and when the button is clicked,then the app can start searching or scrolling to that materials or doing something ?

If you want to search through entries on button click, I would recommend using the regular “Input” element instead of the search box element. This way, you can customize what is in the repeating group (dynamic images, texts, links, etc). Here is a forum example (searching for fruits):



In this forum example, there are two different ways to do this. On the left-side, the repeating group automatically changes depending upon the text in the input (you don’t have to click search).

On the right-side, the repeating group will search only when the User hits enter after they type in something to the search box, or if the user clicks “search”. This is done by sending the parameters to the page (sends the value of the search to the URL) of the page.

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