How to use states as a Data Source inside Repeating Group?

We have a social media feed style app. We didn’t like how repeating groups would constantly refresh and cause the app to slow down. We were able to set states to the post themselves, however, the comments still continue to auto-update as their data-source is from a repeating group that is pulling data live.

We would like to get comments to just be a list that you can refresh, rather than a list that is live.

I’m assuming states is the way to go, however, I’m not sure how exactly to implement it, even though it’s already been implemented partially to the other element.

Link to the Editor if it helps

On the data source use the operator :static This will create a static list that does not auto populate when the DB updates.

yeah that’s what we’re using for the post portion, however, comments still auto-update themselves as it’s a separate repeating group. The problem is that I have no idea how to replicate this for the comments.