How to use text templates in multiline input?


i am trying to solve this,

i have a multiline input where users can write a message to send trought Whatsapp.

also, users can create multiples text template.

But, my problem is that i really don’t know how to do that they can use those templates.

My idea is that when a user click in the Plus button (+), the template automatically add to the multiline input

Important: Each template is storaged in a database.

So my question is, How can achieve this? I tried so many ways, but nothing seem to work.



. Create a new text state.

. Point your multiline input’s initial content to that state

. Create a workflow to set that state to your template’s text

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Hi @ginogentileg,

exactly what @ihsanzainal84 said. I built a feature like that one before. Here’s a quick one for you:


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