How to use the calendar plugin?

I’m trying to learn how to use the calendar plugin, but I’m lost. Is there a tutorial or explanation somewhere? What I would like to learn is this:

  • how a user can select multiple dates with the date picker (I store these now as single values, is that right, or do I need to store these values as list?);
  • how to show these dates in the calendar? What to enter as data source?


Probably very easy for most of you guys, but for me as a new Bubble-user quite a challenge

Hi @rhadders, here’s a quick start guide so you can get an idea of how you can connect data to the calendar, but keep in mind this is just one method.

Have a field under the User type called “selected dates”. The field type is date and it is a list.

Whenever the user selects a date from the date picker, you trigger a workflow to update that list field for the current user. For example, when button is clicked > make a change to Current User: selected dates add datepicker’s value.

The calendar’s Type of Events would be date and the data source is Current User’s selected dates.

Try that out.

If the selected dates are actually something that get saved along with other data, like an event title, event description, etc, then instead of saving a list of dates to a user, I’d create a new data type for the Event. When a date is selected it either updates that event or creates a new Event and stores the date in a date field (under Event). The calendar’s type in this case would be that Event type, and the source could be a search for all Events created by the current user. Again, the source depends on what you’re doing but ultimately it needs to be a list of the Type you set above.

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