How to use the key is a list option with Schedule API Workflow on a List?

Someone smarter than me please help. This filter works but it feels redundant. I have a data type WorkAreas. Each field is coordinates/map that is linked to a Worker. A worker may have one or more WorkAreas. I’m trying to create a filter that returns a list of Workers if their WorkArea contains the Employer’s address. This is how I have it but I feel like it could be more efficient using the “list/array” checkbox but I can’t figure it out

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Then I run step 1 again to have it restart in 24 hours. But it is creating a ton more scheduled events than I expected

Actually now it made my app hit capacity cause it’s creating so many events. I must be doing something wrong with how I’m trying to get it to run in a loop. Any ideas?

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