How to use the Tab Element - Training

Anyone know where I can go for any training on how to use the Tab element available in bubble?

When you Google (or even Bing) this in search, nothing shows up. Everything is unrelated to this (outside of specific forum questions).

There is nothing in Bubble manual and nothing in Bubble’s videos on this.

Hi there, @bryan.holmes… that element is pretty much as simple as it says in the “documentation” (in quotes because, admittedly, it is very sparse, but there really isn’t more to the element than what it says).

This template includes a “Group Tab” that adds 3 tabs to your application. When a button such as “Tab 1” is clicked, a custom state is set to 1. The content for the tabs will either be visible or invisible based on when the custom state’s number matches its tab number. This is useful for creating a page-like effect without leaving the initial page.

If you have any specific questions about the element, throw them out there and maybe we can answer them for you.


Do people even use the element templates? Also seems like they figured out the component system way before already if they have this? I’ve seen it and never even clicked on it

Sure, but how do I have content change within each tab. How do I set it to have dynamically different number of tabs based on different number of things in a data type, etc.

Basically an example of a use case.

Well, to Tyler’s point, I wouldn’t use that template, and I imagine very few people do (which is likely why you can’t find any training-related content for it).

If you understand the general concept that all you are doing is showing/hiding groups (and the content within them, of course) based on the value of a custom state, then that’s all there is to it.

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Literally was thinking I should just create something that functions like this myself.


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