How to use the Wordpress plugin

Hello! I’m trying to use the Wordpress plug in to display my blog posts from my Wordpress site in my bubble app. I’ve gone through to create an app and add the app ID (Client ID) and app secret (Client Secret) to the plugin. I’m struggling with the step after that. I have a repeating group and am using the call Get data from an external API in which the - List posts appears as an option, but then nothing is displaying. Any help is appreciated!

Every installation of WordPress includes access to the official WordPress Plugin Directory right from the site’s dashboard. To install WordPress plugins from the Directory, click “Add New” from the Plugins tab on your site dashboard. Browse plugins for WordPress or search for the kind of plugin you need. But, if you are a beginner and don’t want in-depth knowledge, I will advise you to buy a finished WordPress from stylemixthemes. They are the best in this domain and they have thousands of themes and I took car dealer wordpress theme and I am very satisfied.