How to use url parameter to create a continuous loop around pages?

Needing some help with something possibly quite basic.

I have an app that can make qr tickets for an event and the host of the event can scan tickets.

The issue is that im not able to retain the events information after the first scan as I am not able to pass through the data as an “event” type and only as a “ticket” type.

in the first step the Scanning user (event owner) goes to their event page and presses scan, the data for this event is sent to the qr Scan page.

In the second step i use the events data to allow the qr code scanner to find the correct ticket to process it.

The third step i send the found “ticket” type data to display the ticket details process if its valid and to update its details.

Third step is to go back to Qr Scan to scan the next ticket however by this stage i no longer have the “event” data.

What i have tried it to setup a parameter called “rescan” which stores the events unique id, I am able to keep this in the URL throughout the entire loop around pages. However I have not been able to successfully read it when the second lot of scans is started.

Do i need to do an “or” rule somehow that says when event page data isnt available, use the “rescan” url data to set as event page data? And how would i do this?

solved by just starting the first page with the parameter data rather than passing previous page data.

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