How to use user dropdown input in your API workflow?

Hi, I’m new to Bubble and I am trying to build an webapp that allows the user to find events. I am using a public API that provides me with a list of events, including their category and their date.

What I would like to do is :
1 - Retrieve the category information and the date information from the API
2 - Allow the user to pick a date and an event category
3 - Display an event corresponding to the date and the category the user has picked.

I have managed to retrieve the API categories in a dropdown, but I can’t figure out how to use them in my workflow.
Here is what I have done so far :

This seems to be working, but a problem arises when I try to edit the group in the Design tab, where I can’t select the dropdown value :

Could you help me figure out what I am doing wrong ? Is what I’m trying to do possible in Bubble ?
Thanks !

I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but try to extend your Group Data Source to

Quefaireaparis - Records’s records fields category contains Dropdown A’s value

hi, thanks, it fixed the issue !
All I have to figure out how to display a text and not a yes/no element.
Basically what I am trying to do is : IF quefaireaparis - records’s records’s fields category contains Dropdown A’s value THEN display data quefaireaparis - records’s records’s fields name (as a text and not a yes/no content)